Advantages of Using SAPUI5 | Detailed View of SAPUI5 Framework

//Advantages of Using SAPUI5 | Detailed View of SAPUI5 Framework

Advantages of Using SAPUI5 | Detailed View of SAPUI5 Framework

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SAPUI5 is a framework for developing front end applications like custom apps. UI5 can deplete Odata services for sending and receiving data from back end. Using SAPUI5, SAP Fiori (Know more from SAP Fiori training) and Odata apps are internally developed.

It is the current tool kit from SAP for developing refined cross device apps for users of the present days. With UI5 JavaScript toolkit (Learn JAVA training by experts), app developers can build powerful web apps conforming to HTML5 web development standards. It combines all the elements that are essential or theHTML5 based web development.  SAPUI5 is an progressive framework for promoting powerful and quality rich web apps on the SAP platform.

Apps that are created using SAPUI5 can easily be connected to any type of back end system and can also be deployed in browser without the need of back end system. The main aim of SAPUI5 is to build app framework for SAP environments. Today the toolkit after its open source version OpenUI5 release became available for the wider audience beyond SAP environment.

Key benefits of SAPUI5

 SAPUI5 applications are stateless; here no data is stored between user interactions. Each request is independent of prior requests. SAPUI5 on the other hand, is a lightweight framework that has a “consumer grade” user experience, according to SAP. It can be operated anywhere on any device its framework is designed for such type of applications.  UI5 is provided with state of the art UX, responsive design and are designed for desktop, web, mobile and the cloud from scratch.

The specific aspects of SAPUI5 are as follows:

  • SAPUI5 is a framework that consists of a loaded collection of JS libraries which can be used for building quality web apps for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • The JS libraries within SAPUI5 are used side by side CSS for building rich and engaging web apps.
  • SAPUI5 is built by jQuery open source library and further the components have been customized by SAP. SAP developed the custom UI components like Controls and Layouts to give it a more user optimized flair.
  • SAPUI5 has extensible features allowing us to extend, control and define the controls in our own way.

Characteristics of a good UI framework

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It is important to consider below factors when designing UI:

  • Intuitive and consistent design
  • Clarity
  • High responsivity
  • Maintainability
  • Attractiveness

UI framework works independent from a platform and underlying operating system. Examples of a platform are a desktop PC, mobile devices such as tablets, but also newsstands or set-top box. It is an open technology not dependent on one supplier and the product is easily adaptable and expandable. It works by admitting “interaction design pattern” o that the necessary structure can be added to the software and the various components can be separated within the UI framework.

SAPUI5 online offers advanced support for data bindings for raw XML, JSON and OData and this makes UI construction further easier and value packed. This will allow faster and real time data consumption making the job easier for the developers while ensuring the highest quality standard for the user.

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