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SAP TRM Online Training Course Curriculum

SAP TRM Online Training

Achieve Career Goals With Our SAP TRM Training

SAP TRM Online Training Overview

SAP TRM online training course from SAP Trainings Online offers flexibility to all participants with their virtual interactive platform and comfort of flexi hour online classes. SAP Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) provide corporate treasury tools that work for financial risk management, regulatory compliance, and cash flow and liquidity monitoring. SAP TRM online training is designed to gain complete insight of industry implemented process by skilled professionals with industry updates for the benefit of learners.

Benefits of learning SAP TRM Training:

  • SAP TRM is a powerful financial tool that helps organization mitigate risks, & payment ,better manage cash, & liquidity.
  • SAP TRM is an intelligent system that integrates with other SAP modules and helps easy performing in treasury management.
  • SAP TRM online training is job oriented and also individual’s growth prospective.
  • SAP Treasury and risk management online course is already an integral part of the financial system of many organizations raising huge demand for training.

SAP TRM online training Content

Treasury and Risk Management Introduction

• Basic Settings

• Company Code and Required setting till GL Accounts Creation

• Customer Master Data

• Business Partners Creation

General Settings in Transaction Manager

General settings

• Define Company Code additional data

• Define Portfolio ( Money Market, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives, Commodities and Securities)

• Define Traders (Business Partners)

• Assign Factory Calendar

• Define and Assign Accounting codes and Valuation areas

• Initialization of Parallel Valuation Areas

• Define and Assign Valuation Classes

• Define Account Determination

Money Market / Foreign Exchange (includes Delta settings)

Define Product Types

• Define Number range for Transaction Types

• Define Flow Types • Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type

• Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows

• Define Derivation Procedures and Rules

• Define Update Types and Assign Usages

• Assign Flow Types to Update Types

• Define Correspondence Activities

• Assign General Valuation Class


Define Currency Units

• Define Number Range for Security Classes

• Define Company Code-Dependent Settings for the Product Type

• Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type

• Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows

• Define Derivation Procedures and Rules

Market Data Management

• Currency Exchange Entries

• Reference Interest Rate Entries

• Securities and Indexes

• Enter Commodities Spot Prices

• Credit Spreads for Transactions, Securities and Loans,

• Volatilities – Interest, Securities, Exchange

Credit Risk Analyzer (under SAP Risk Management)

• Global Settings

• Define Collateral Priority

• Define Collateral Type

• Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration

• Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for Money Market transactions

• Activate Integrated Default Risk Limit Check

Market Risk Analyzer (under SAP Risk Management)

• Basic Settings

• Define Maturity Band

• Define Cash Flow Indicators & Cash Flow Types

• Value at Risk

• Key Figures and Evaluation Procedures

• Simulation

Functions of treasury:

  • Framing treasury  policies
  • Establishing a treasury system
  • Liquidity planning
  • Identification of funding agencies
  • Portfolio management
  • Foreign exchange dealings
  • Risk management
  • Organic & inorganic growth