SAP Quality Management (SAP QM) – Introduction to SAP QM

//SAP Quality Management (SAP QM) – Introduction to SAP QM

SAP Quality Management (SAP QM) – Introduction to SAP QM

SAP QM Training Course


SAP Quality Management is an essential part of many business processes like production, sales, procurement, material management etc. This SAP QM training course by SAP Trainings Online will get to know various concepts and QM inspection stages step by step and how to invoke this process automatically.

Today, quality becomes an imminent need for all products, so a quality standard has become an essential core of all organizations. There are many quality standards; Quality management is an integral part of one of the modules in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. If the client is in the process manufacturing business, then there is no other option, it is necessary to implement a quality management module. The ERP system provides quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement in their manufacturing or business processes.

SAP QM is used for following:

Quality Planning:

  • Basic master data for Quality Management
  • Inspection planning using inspection plans of materials, which brings standardization of quality planning.

Quality Assurance:

  • SAP Quality inspection is performed through inspection lot processing. During this process quality results are captured, and usage decision is taken to accept or reject the inspection lot.
  • Quality certificates of analysis

Quality Control:

  • Root cause analysis is done for the identified defect in quality management.
  • SAP QM information system is where you can analyze various reports like vendor evaluation, a list of quality notification, quality charts, etc.

SAP QM Training Course

The quality planning function makes quality section to perform inspections for goods receipts from vendors and production, work in process, and stock transfers. A quality notification can be used to request action to be taken by the quality department.

As SAP Quality Management is an important part of SAP R/3 system, it contributes the following key functions in manufacturing of goods:

Quality Planning: Quality planning allows to plan the inspection of goods from the vendor, raw material, work-in-process, and final product.

Quality Notifications: It is the defect identification and steps needed to be taken by quality department.

Quality Inspection: Here, quality results are captured and decision is taken as to whether an inspection lot is to be accepted or rejected.

Benefits of SAP QM

SAP QM contributes lot of benefits for business entities at various levels,

  • Quality integration with procurement and production and hence more control over the process.
  • Planning support (usage of inspection plans).
  • Monitoring of vendor and customer complaints by implementing corrective tasks in SAP QM quality notifications.
  • Automation of quality certificates which are printed during sales delivery to customers.
  • SAP Quality Management process helps you to incorporate the improvement process- by monitoring the processes, defect identification and quality notifications.
  • Using SAP Quality Management process, you can perform the quality compliance of raw materials when it is first delivered by vendors/suppliers and in process manufacturing and also after the production process is completed.
  • In SAP MM process, SAP QM allows a company’s representative to visit the supplier office to check the quality of the goods they produce. You call this process as source inspection in Quality Management module.

SAP Trainings Online offers best quality SAP QM training by best industry experts. SAP QM training course makes you an expert in creating QM Functions, how to modify rules, Catalogs, Coding, understanding SAP Business workflow and Integration of quality management into manufacturing processes…etc and become certified in SAP QM.

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