SAP PM Interview Question Answers

//SAP PM Interview Question Answers

SAP PM Interview Question Answers

SAP PM Interview Question Answers

SAP Trainings Online, SAP PM Interview question answers have been designed specially to get acquainted with the nature of questions that candidate may encounter during interview. If you’re looking for SAP PM Interview Question answers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research SAP PM Market share has been increasing. So, you still have opportunity to move ahead in your career in business warehouse or business objects, with SAP PM training by SAP certified professionals.

What is SAP Plant Maintenance?

SAP Plant Maintenance application component provides organization with a tool for all maintenance activities to be performed. All the activities that are performed under maintenance are interconnected and hence this module is closely integrated with other modules- Production Planning, Material Management, and Sales and Distribution (SAP SD training).

Is the functional location structure indicator unique across the system?

Across clients but not systems.

What must you do if you have assets (functional locations) with the same number in several plants?

You must use the plant reference number as the first level of the functional location structure.

Which all modules you can integrate with SAP PM?

This module is closely integrated with other modules- Production Planning, Material Management, and Sales and Distribution, Controlling, Customer Service.

What is the menu path for displaying the structure of a functional location in list form and as a graphic?

Plant maintenance >technical objects>functional location>structural display

Examples of functional location structures: Chemical Process, Energy (power station), Property Management, Transport, Steelworks, Production line.

What are the key responsibilities in SAP Plant Maintenance?

You perform the following activities under Plant Maintenance:


Inspection is done to check the actual condition of a technical system.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is used to maintain high availability of the technical system. It includes maintenance planning and work scheduling activities for technical objects.


Repair involves all measures that can be performed to restore the ideal condition. Repair process it is can be performed at many planning stages- like work scheduling, resource planning and initial costing, etc. and you can response immediately w.r.t to a damage events causing production shutdown. You can create required Purchase requisition, processed work orders to reduce the downtime.

Explain the life cycle of SAP Plant Maintenance Notification process?

Key Steps that are includes as part of Work Order Notification under SAP PM:

  • Notification
  • Newly created work order
  • Creation of purchase request for work orders
  • Purchase order created and parts received
  • Parts issues to work order
  • Approval and planning of work order
  • Scheduling and releasing work order
  • Work order execution
  • Closing a work order

What is a Technical object in Plant Maintenance?

To effectively manage SAP Maintenance activities in an organization, you need to divide existing maintenance structure into technical objects. Technical objects are used to define the machine types that exists in an organization and using the object characteristics, you can further define other technical objects.

What steps must be defined in customizing for alternative labelling?

Activate alternative labelling and indicators for primary label. Create a new structure indicator, define labelling system.

What level of functional locations should be changed for alternative labelling?

Second level functional locations are to be changed, in changing master records extras>alternative labels>overview, change label ‘internal view’ choose structure indicator and press refresh.

What are activities of a SAP PM?

The ‘SAP Plant Maintenance’ comprises of the following activities such as inspection, to measures and establish the actual condition of a technical system, preventive maintenance to measures and maintain the ideal condition of a technical system, repair to measures and restore the ideal condition of a technical system and other measures that need to be taken using the maintenance organization.SAP PM is closely integrated with other modules (for example, Materials Management, Production, Sales and Distribution, Personnel Management, and Controlling) the data is always kept current and processes that are necessary for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service are automatically triggered in other areas (for example, a purchase requisition for non-stock material in the Materials Management/Purchasing area).

What is Maintenance Plant in Plant Maintenance?

Maintenance plant for a technical object is known as plant in which you perform the maintenance tasks for the objects and planning is done. You can perform the following activities in Maintenance Planning Plant:

  • Defining Task list as per maintenance plan
  • As per BOM in task list, you perform material planning.
  • Management and scheduling of maintenance plans
  • Maintenance Orders creation and execution

What is Maintenance Planning? What are different types of Maintenance Planning?

As per the structure of the company, maintenance planning can be performed. You define the tasks under maintenance planning as per the structure and defined technical objects. Following types of maintenance planning is possible

  • Centralized Maintenance Planning
  • Decentralize Maintenance Planning
  • Partially Centralize Maintenance Planning

For an equipment master record what fields need to be filled in?

Depends upon the Equipment. Normally, the fields which used to maintain in an Equipment master are: Equipment Category, Constr.type (serialized), Planning Plant, Work centre, Plant, Maintenance plant, Location. You can attach equipment to using superior Equipment filed.

How to configure system to allow notification type change?

You can define in SPRO the “Allowed change of notification type”. Please follow the below path:
Maintenance and Service Processing –> Maintenance and Service Notification –> Notification Creation –> Notification types –> Allowed change of notification type

What is different between Centralize and decentralize Maintenance Planning?

Centralize Maintenance Planning

Within an organization, centralize planning supports following structures:

There is only one plant for all the technical objects which is maintenance planning plant and maintenance plant.

In other scenario, it is possible that a company has multiple maintenance plants and one plant is there in which maintenance planning is performed. All other plants has this plants as maintenance planning plant in which all activities are performed and this plant is indicated as maintenance planning plant in the system.

As per above example

Plants 001, 002

Maintenance Plants 001, 002

Maintenance Planning Plant 002

Plants assigned to maintenance planning plant 001

Decentralize Maintenance Planning

In this scenario, company consists of multiple plants and each plant acts as its own maintenance planning plant and in SAP system all plants are mentioned as maintenance planning plant.

Plants 001, 002

Maintenance Plants 001,002

Maintenance planning plants 001, 002

Why change data not display in order?

Please check if the check box for change documents is checked or not in Customizing
PATH:- Plant Maintenance & customer service –> Maintenance & service processing –> Maintenance & service Orders –>Functions & settings for order types –> Define Change Docs, Collective Pur.Req.Indicator, Operation No. Interval

How overheades are calculated and from where the formula is picked?

My client has default setting of 10% overhead and now they want to change.

Plant Maintenance and Customer Service–> Maintenance and Service Processing–> Maintenance and Service Orders–> Functions and Settings for Order Types–>Costing Data for Maintenance–> and Service Orders–> Maintain Costing Sheet

Select the costing sheet that you are using and push costing sheet rows, next see the column overhead rate, select the row and push overhead rate.

What is breakdown maintenance?

In SAP PM, when there is a malfunction occurs for any of the equipment which requires a response from Maintenance team. The process of correcting this situation is known as Breakdown maintenance.

What do you understand by Functional Structuring of Technical Objects?

In this type of structure, you divide your technical system as per functional locations. With the division of product line into functional locations, individual unit can act as functional locations in the system.

What is Equipment Master Record?

An equipment is known as an individual object in the system that is maintained independently. Equipment can be installed at different functional locations. You can create individual equipment in an organization based on Object based structure of a technical system.

What are the functions of using Equipment master?

  • Using equipment you can perform following functions in the system:
  • You can manage individual data from a maintenance perspective in SAP system.
  • You can perform individual maintenance tasks for each technical object in the system
  • You can use this to maintain a record of all the maintenance tasks performed for a technical object.
  • In case you want to see data for an object for a longer time, you can use equipment master record for the same.

What is the integration between PM and QM in SAP?

There are many interwoven activities.

Let us consider one practical issue of Spare Parts purchase

We prefer to inspect incoming material for compliance of our requirement.

While creation of material master, tick the ‘Post to insp. stock’ box in the Purchasing Tab.
If we do not want a task list / Result recording oriented inspection, in Quality tab, choose appropriate selections,

When that Spare is received, it will go to Quality Stock.

We can check it and transfer the stock to “Unrestricted Stock” through MB1B via 261 movement, giving a reason as Accepted after Inspection or Rejected.

When to represent an object as Equipment or as Functional Location?

In case of breakdown, you should represent an object as Technical Object if it is repaired. When you define an object as Technical object, you can maintain service history of the object in system. Note that you can’t change the equipment number once it is created in the system. If you have entered an incorrect number mistakenly you need to achieve this to change it.

When you are using multiple piece of equipment you need to classify the equipment to perform a quick search.

When you exchange an object in case of breakdown due to its low value and in this case you don’t need to maintain service history. For each functional location, you have to define a structure indicator as mentioned in previous topic. When you maintain a functional location in another functional location, you can’t store the installation location history.

What do you understand by data transfer between Technical Objects?

It is possible to transfer master data from one functional location to other functional location or between functional location and piece of equipment.

Using data transfer function, you can maintain data at superior level in hierarchical structure or you can also maintain data for objects assigned to functional locations.

What is the use of the field “Standing order”? What kind of order is it?

Standing orders are used to carry out on-going maintenance jobs and settle them at month end rather than creating a fresh PM orders every time. Using order hierarchies, you could attach sub-orders to the standing order and settle them to the standing order to provide you with more precise recording of main costs at sub-order level as well as a budget monitoring at the standing order level.

Explain the integration points between PM and MM/FICO during the PM configuration.

Below are some integration aspects:

Integration with SAP MM

  • Material master record for batch managed material as equipment
  • Reservations and goods issue for maintenance order
  • Material valuation class/types for refurbishment materials as equipment
  • Triggering PR from Maintenance Order

Integration with FICO

  • Asset/Sub-Asset numbering in Equipment Master Data
  • Activity based costing for Operations performed through Maintenance Order
  • Settlement of accrued costs in Maintenance Order to G/L Account, Cost Centre, Asset etc.

What is a Milestone Confirmation?

The milestone confirmation is a special form of confirmation, in which the confirmation of one operation causes other operations or sub operations to be automatically confirmed at the same time.

Milestones are operations that have the corresponding indicator in the control key.

Operations can be defined as milestone operations in their control keys. If a milestone operation is confirmed, then previous operations are automatically confirmed.

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