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SAP OIL and GAS Online Training Course Curriculum

SAP OIL and GAS Online Training

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SAP OIL and GAS Online Training Course Overview

Introduction SAP ERP SAP Oil & Gas Overview

  • Introduction to Downstream
  • TWS Overview
  • Service Retailing
  • Production
  • Upstream Graphics

Master Data Settings

  • Basic Settings
  • Master Data Creation
  • Oil & Gas Upstream

PRA Production and Revenue Accounting overview and its graphical user Introduction

  • Ownership
  • Upstream Graphics
  • Production
  • Measurement System
  • Contractual Allocation
  • Product Control
  • Valuation
  • Check Input
  • Payment Processing Check Write
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Journal Entry
  • Contracts and Pricing
  • Tax Reporting

Production sharing Accounts

  • Set-up & Master Data
  • Configuration
  • Master Data Assignments
  • Planning
  • PSA Periodic Processing

Joint venture Accounting

  • Accounting Principles
  • Master Data
  • Integration
  • Day-to-Day Processes
  • Data Entry
  • Operated Accounting
  • Reporting

SAP Oil & Gas (RLM Remote Logistics Management)

  • Basic Customizing Settings for RLM
  • Supply Chain
  • RLM Goods Receipt
  • RLM Shipping
  • Holding
  • Returns
  • Material Tracking in RLM

SAP Oil & Gas (IS Oil Downstream)

  • Integration of SAP Oil & Gas with SAP CRM
  • HPM Liquid and Gaseous Hydrocarbon Product Management
  • TDP Tariffs, Duties and Permits
  • Exchanges
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Marketing, Accounting and Pricing
  • Service Station Retailing

SAP Oil & Gas with GIS/CAD Integration basic settings

  • Notifications of GIS Mapping
  • R/3 or BI integration with GIS
  • Assets & Operations concepts
  • GIS Performance BO

Need For SAP OIL and GAS Online Training

This is a ever changing digital environment while the automation in every industry  is increasing  rapidly because all the operations in business management especially financial operations cannot be done manual.SAP ERP suite is a inventory technology made all this process easy that is running  simple in digital transformation raising the boon to job opportunities in SAP and SAP integrated technologies.

To expertise in entire SAP ERP suite it takes years to move but  getting  professional by module by module with the training is,SAP Trainings Online is the one which makes you future ready with job oriented training.