What is SAP MDG | Prerequisites to Learn SAP MDG

//What is SAP MDG | Prerequisites to Learn SAP MDG

What is SAP MDG | Prerequisites to Learn SAP MDG

SAP MDG Training

SAP MDG is SAP Master Data Governance that basically a group of the applications that are used for monitoring the master data for the line of businesses. For the line of businesses, the major problem associated is the presence of the redundant and the inconsistent master data in more than one system. SAP MDG provides the tools and the framework by means of these tools and framework consistent data is provided in the end to end business processes. The question here is what master data is. Master data is a collection of uniform and consistent set of identifiers and the extended attributes that define the core entities of the enterprise like citizens, prospects, customers, sites, suppliers, hierarchies and the charts of accounts.

Impact of MDG in all Lines of Businesses

Every organization consists of master data but the definition of master data vary from moving one organization to the organization there is no universal definition of master data that describes what actually the master data in an organization should consist of? SAP MDG is the extension of business processes that operate in the business suite.SAP MDG provide centrally located master data that can be changed or created.SAP MDG training governs the data centrally but also help in consolidating the data that help in reduction of the business expenses and the overall cost. Below diagram shows the importance of SAP MDG or role of SAP MDG in the business processes.

 SAP MDG Training


SAP MDG provides the small implementation cycle and model driven underlying SAP MDG technical components that basically finds beneficial in the coding free implementation. Technical SAP business workflow, BRF Plus, WDA FPM, and ABAP Dictionary constitute the technical components of SAP MDG training. The other use of these technical components is with other SAP products they can be used with other products of SAP. The stable platform of SAP MDG is another reason of popularity of SAP MDG as SAP MDG is built upon the stable platform. From the last few years SAP MDG shown a significant growth in the market but SAP MDG is the completely new solution.SAP MDG also used for the purpose of master data maintenance other nearest versions or the products like MDM, Net Weaver(Learn SAP Net Weaver) are now expired and not used much nowadays.n

Pre-requisites for the SAP MDG

SAP MDG is universal so that it is used in most of the IT companies and the IT professional but in order to proceed with the SAP MDG course one should have the following background:

  • SAP MDG can be learned by the ABAP developers that want to switch into the projects of MDG.
  • MDB professional with master data maintenance knowledge can build their career in the SAP MDG and learn the SAP MDG.
  • IT professional whose background is technical and want to build a career in SAP MDG can also proceed with SAP MDG learning.

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