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SAP MDG Online Training Course Content

SAP MDG Online Training

SAP MDG Online Training

SAP MDG Online Training Overview

SAP MDG Online Training is perhaps the important first-to-market versatile technology. It is integrated and active data governance application via its governance capabilities for creation, maintenance and replication of master data upfront (upstream) of line-of-business applications.

SAP MDG is a reviewed solution that requires composition rather than a toolset that requires coding. SAP MDG may also be organized to leverage consolidated master data from SAP NetWeaver MDM furthermore.

SAP MDG Online Training by us is integrated with best industry working professionals  and the SAP MDG online tutorial is prepared with best industry ever changing updates for offering participants best professional insight over modules. The MDG virtual training is available for individual and corporate batches.

Prerequisites to Attain SAP MDG online Training:

  • Experience in Business Suite / ERP
  • Experience in NW MDM
  • Experience in Data Services, Data Quality, Information Steward

Advantages of using SAP MDG:

  • SAP MDG Training makes you to learn data quality management.
  • Real time Analysis.
  • Validating rules and postal reference data.
  • SAP MDG Training architecture is based on the data service integration with SAP MDG, SAP ERP and SAP CRM.
  • Easy to avail Strong functional expertise in MM and thorough expertise in material master data.
  • Configure SAP MDG in accordance to the detailed document and business requirements.
  • Validate technical design documents and perform unit testing of development.

SAP MDG Online Training Course Curriculum:

Overview of SAP MDG

SAP MDG Introduction, purpose of SAP MDG, architecture overview, Configure MDG Material, Reuse mode, Deployment options, Flex mode.

Data Modelling

When you are creating a new data model or editing the existing one. There comes a concept of different entities which may or may not have an attribute and also relationships between those entities.

  • SAP data dictionary
  • Entity type
  • Attributes
  • Entity Relationship types
  • Extending data Model
  • Data model specific structures.
  • Extend Mappings (SMT)

UI Modelling

Running through the notes on the configuring MDG for customer. But nowhere in the document does it mention that that the UI needs to be configured. UI configuration steps for MDG-C for single processing.

  • Floor plan Manger (FPM) Basics
  • Linking FPM with MDG
  • UI per workflow step
  • Configuring the UI as per user defined criteria
  • BADIs for UI modelling

Workflow Modelling

  • Business Workflow basics
  • Rule based work flow (RBWF)
  • Create change requests, step types, actions and link to RBWF
  • Linking rule based workflow to MDG

Search and duplicate check

  • TREX basics
  • Configuring Search with TREX
  • ESH Cockpit
  • Duplicate check configuration.

Data replication & Import

  • ALE & IDOCs basics
  • Data replication Framework (DRF)
  • Manual & Automatic replication & import
  • Data Import using excel, XML
  • Mass Change & upload

Enriching MDG standard code or features to user requirements

Hands on Exercises in MDG online training:

  • Create Custom UI
  • Workflow Modeling
  • Enhance Standard workflow templates
  • Create Custom workflow
  • Create Custom BRF+ validations
  • Create a complex workflow using BRF+
  • Data Import & Export
  • IMG
  • DRF – replicate 1 standard and 1custom IDOC each
  • DIF – import 1 excel & 1 XML file each
  • Implement at least one custom master data entity end to end from search to replicate Create1 custom BADI for validation across entities