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SAP IS RETAIL Online Training Course Content

SAP IS RETAIL Online Training

Better Future Ahead With Our SAP IS RETAIL Online Training

SAP IS RETAIL Online Training Overview 

SAP IS RETAIL online training from SAP Trainings Online uplift the skills needed business processes, & delivering customer centric solutions. Our SAP IS RETAIL online training course covers  Retail Master Data, Site Master Data, Purchasing Data, Retail Pricing, Retail Promotions, Sales Order Management concepts with step by step process and practical implementation.


  • Is- Retail Overview
  • Is- Retail Process
  • Purchasing & Sales
  • Merchandise Logistics
  • Retail org structure

Retail Master Data

  • Article Master Data
  • Merchandise of categories
  • Creation of Merchandise categories Hierarchies
  • Creation of Articles
  • Single
  • Generic & Variant Articles
  • Creation of Structure Articles
  • Sales Set
  • Display

Site Master Data

  • Definition of Terms
  • Maintain site Profiles
  • Create Reference Sites
  • Update site profiles with reference sites
  • Define standard storage location in reference sites
  • Additional sites Data
  • Customizing for sites
  • Site Grouping
  • Creation of sites
  • Create of Reference Sites
  • Distribution Centers
  • Stores

Purchasing Data

  • Creation of Vendor
  • Creation of purchase Organization
  • Purchasing Group
  • Vendor Master Data
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Buyer Managed Inventory

Assortment operations Listing & Management

  • Assortment Creation, Assortment types, Assortment Grades & Modules
  • Creating a Layout module
  • Listing – Assignment of Articles to Assortments and Creating Listing Conditions
  • Listing Procedures & Listing via Layout Customizations
  • Assignment of Products to Layout Modules
  • Creation of Structure Articles
  • Assignment of Assortments to Assortment users

Retail Pricing Retail Promotions

  • Sales Price Calculations
  • Purchase Price Calculations
  • Market Basket pricing
  • Promotions Management, Creation and Execution of Promotions
  • Bonus buys, Coupons

Merchandise Requirements Planning and purchasing, Distribution

  • Warehouse & DC Management
  • Merchandise Distribution ( Allocation Planning & Allocation tables)
  • Invoice Verification & Sub Sequent settlement
  • Cross Docking Flow – Through, Recipient Driven & Article Driven
  • Put Away
  • Direct Delivery
  • Procurement of merchandise

SALES SAP IS Retail Store Connectivity

  • ALE EDI & IDOC Overview
  • POS Operations & Back Ground Processing in Retail

Goals of SAP IS Retail Online Training:

  • Implementation Training
  • How IS – Retail Module work in R/3
  • Business Process- SAP IS Retail Online Course
  • Real-time Training with End to End Implementation Process.
  • Integration with the other Modules