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SAP IBP Online Training Course Content

SAP IBP Online Training

SAP IBP online Training

SAP IBP Online Training Overview

SAP IBP online training by us is entirely practical demonstration. Here our curriculum teaches you from fundamentals to advanced concepts like demand & Supply planning, sensing and many other concepts. SAP IBP stands for integrated business planning .Our IBP online training course take through explaining the real time case studies and scenarios. we provide best training with new methodologies where learners can grasp easily. We impart technology which takes you to improved performance and focus on growth and innovation. We help people to grow their careers every day.

Introduction to IBP

  • Excel Add-on,
  • WebUI
  • HCI


Planning Models in SAP Integrated Business Planning

  • Sample Planning Areas

Model Configuration Process

Master Data Types and Attributes

  • Creating Attributes
  • Creating Master Data Types

Time Profiles and Time Periods

  • PERIODID and PERIODID (n) Attributes in Time Profile Levels
  • Creating Time Profiles
  • Creating Time Periods for a Time Profile

Planning Areas

  • Creating Planning Areas

Planning Levels

  • Creating Planning Levels
  • Examples of Planning Levels

Key Figures

  • Types of Key Figures
  • Creating Key Figures
  • Copying Key Figures
  • Changing Key Figures
  • Display Options for Key Figures
  • Key Figure Calculations
  • Defaulting to another Key Figure
  • Adding Calculations to Key Figures
  • Decimal Places in Key Figure Values
  • Commonly Used Functions and Expressions
  • Calculations across Different Planning Levels
  • Using Attributes in Key Figure Calculations
  • Using Time Periods in Key Figure Calculations


  • Creating Versions

Planning Operators

  • Creating a Planning Operator
  • Assigning a Planning Operator to a Planning Area
  • Advanced Simulation (ADVSIM) Operator
  • Example: Setting Up the ADVSIM Operator
  • Copy (COPY) Operator
  • Example: Setting Up the Copy Operator
  • Snapshot (SNAPSHOT) Operator
  • Redo Snapshot (SNAPSHOTREDO) Operator
  • Statistical Forecasting (IBPFORECAST) Operator
  • Group (GROUP) Operator
  • Example: Setting Up a Group Operator
  • Inventory Optimization (IO) Operator
  • Purge Change History (PCH) Operator
  • Purge Key Figure Data (PURGE) Operator
  • S&OP (SCM) Operator


  • Configuring Snapshots

Activating Planning Models

  • Statuses of Model Entities
  • Example: Changing Model Entities That Are Dependent on Each Other
  • Example: Deleting an Attribute from an Active Master Data Type and Active Planning Area
  • Activating Time Profiles, Master Data Types, and Planning Areas
  • Troubleshooting for Model Activation Errors
  • Error: Ensure * is included in the generated calculation graph
  • Error: Check that key figure ID has a calculation at REQUEST Level
  • Error: Expression is not valid
  • Errors relating to key figures with calculations at different planning levels
  • Deleting Active Objects (Active Deletion)
  • Troubleshooting for Active Deletion

Copy Options for Planning Model

  • Copying Master Data with the Advanced Copy Function

Transporting Model Entities

  • Exporting a Model Entity from the Source System
  • Importing a Model Entity into the Target System
  • Best Practices for Transporting Planning Model
  • Model Transport in a 2-Phase Configuration Project

Emergency Access to Production System

Miscellaneous Settings

  • Creating Reason Codes
  • Managing Global Configurations
  • Creating a Global Configuration Parameter
  • Global Configuration Parameters
  • Configuration History

Advanced Modeling Topics

  • Aggregation and Dis aggregation of Data across Different Time Levels
  • Extending the Length of an Attribute
  • Example: Defining an Attribute as a Key Figure
  • Time-Independent Key Figures
  • Example: Configuring Currency Conversion
  • Example: Configuring Unit of Measure Conversion
  • Example: Attribute Transformations
  • Configuring Price and Cost for Currency and UoM Conversions
  • Enabling Change History for Key Figures
  • Enabling Change History for Master-Data-Based Key Figures

 Reserved Names and Naming Restrictions

 Excel Add-on

  • Installation
  • Usage of the Add-on
  • Simulation and Scenarios
  • Different options
  • EPM template administration
  • Creating filters, Favorites
  • Creating templates
  • Running and Scheduling the planning operators
  • Checking the status of background runs.


  • HCI agent
  • Creating the projects
  • Creating and validating the tasks
  • Promoting the tasks
  • Creating file formats, replicating the data sources.

IBP For Demand

  • Introduction
  • Demand planning
  • Model components
  • Data preparation
  • Data cleaning
  • Statistical forecast
  • Market input
  • Release forecast
  • Demand sensing
  • Introduction
  • Model components
  • Demand sensing models
  • Execute and calculate demand Sensing
  • Adjust demand sensing results

IBP for Supply

  • Overview of IBP Multilevel Supply Planning
  • General Master Data Types
  • Modeling Sourcing Rules
  • Modeling Multi-Level Production
  • Modeling Lot Sizes
  • Modeling Handling and Storage Resources
  • Modeling Substitute Products
  • Attributes as Key Figures
  • Input Key Figures
  • Output Key Figures
  • Input/output Key Figures
  • The Heuristic Planning Operator
  • Parameters of the Heuristic Operator
  • Optimizer Key Figures
  • The Optimizer Planning Operator
  • Lot Size Planning with the Optimizer
  • In-transit and Downstream Key Figures
  • Supply Planning Computed Quota Arrang

IBP for Supply chain control Tower (SCCT)

  • Introduction
  • SAP5 model overview
  • Dashboards and Analytics
  • Custom alerts
  • Case management

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