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SAP HANA ADMIN Online Training Course Content

Sap Hana Admin Online Training

Sap Hana Admin Online Training


With the evolution of  newest technologies in SAP,hoping many job opportunities and professional growth.SAP technology has a unique place in the global market.SAP is a barrier for many business solutions  in this ever changing digital economy.SAP HANA made the business process to reduce complexity,run anywhere and real results.That is the reason for huge demand for SAP HANA ADMIN online training ,many companies are adopting to run simple in digital world giving rise to career opportunities.

About the Instructor

SAP HANA ADMIN Online training will be provided by certified professional  who is having an experience of overall 12+ years. Trainer is having good experience in corporate training. Trainer is an expert in implementation projects and support projects. In the training real time scenarios will be covered which helps the job seeker to handle the projects easily.

SAP HANA ADMIN Online Training Course Curriculum


  • Why HANA,
  • Features of HANA,
  • Role of HANA Administrator
  • The Admin Level activities of SAP HANA DB

SAP HANA Architecture

  • Architecture of HANA Application
  • Detailed study of Index server, Name Server, Preprocessor, and
  • Working on the various Parameters for the fine tuning and
  • configuration of HANA DB

Backup and Recovery of HANA DB

  • Log backup, DB Dackup , Profiles Backup
  • Recovery of the HANA DB


HANA Installation

  • Download the Media / Guides from SMP
  • Pre Installation
  • Installation (various types of Installations)
  • Post Installation
  • Installation of SAP HANA on a distributed Environment

HANA DB Provisioning

  • Installation of the Replication server (SLT)
  • Configuration of the SLT with the HANA DB and the backend ECC
  • or Non-SAP system)
  • Real time replication, Periodic and Weekly replication
  • What are the regular activities we do in the SLT system?

HANA DB Migration

  • Download the Media / Guides from SMP
  • Migrate from SAP on Oracle – SAP on HANA
  • Pre Migration and Post Migration activities
  • How to mitigate the DB size in SAP HANA (Overview)

HANA Daily Activities/Support/Transports

Security ( Creation of Users, Creation of Roles )

Performance Tuning

  • Table Reorganization
  • Table Partition
  • Create an Index, Synonym
  • Identify the expensive SQL statements and how to fine tune the statements

Installation of SAP HANA STUDIO/HANA Client

  • Software Life cycle Management
  • Updating SAP HANA
  • Updating SAP HANA Studio

About  the Course

SAP HANA Admin online training course is designed for Freshers and Experienced professionals to excel in SAP HANA – Administration, Operation and Support.
This SAP HANA online course is based on latest HANA release. Part 1 of this course focuses on Introduction, SAP HANA Sizing, Pre-Installation Steps and Installation.

SAP HANA Administration course will prepare you to

Install and upgrade  SAP HANA system

Do SAP HANA sizing as per customer requirements

Operate and administrate SAP HANA system landscape