Understanding SAP FIORI Overview | SAP FIORI Learning Online

//Understanding SAP FIORI Overview | SAP FIORI Learning Online

Understanding SAP FIORI Overview | SAP FIORI Learning Online

SAP FIORI Training

SAP Fiori is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. It applies latest principles for a completely reimagined user experience. SAP Fiori UX represents a customized, responsive and easy user experience across devices and deployment options.

SAP Fiori is a combination of apps that represent the new SAP user expertise paradigm. These apps speak a uniform design language and build use of a common standard infrastructure. By blurring previous old computing boundaries and by using interactive and engaging UI elements, they provide a uniform end-to-end user experience and might be used across all device varieties without creating additional implementation effort. SAP Fiori offers numerous business roles an easy, simple-to-use experience for SAP software functions, and works seamlessly on desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

SAP FIORI adds remarkable value to business

To facilitate end user experience through responsive and fast loading screens, Fiori UX comes with integrated capabilities to perform a wide range of business functions.

SAP Fiori involves focuses on task-based approach instead of practical approach. Primarily based out of SAPUI5 and NetWeaver Gateway, the initial offerings of Wave 1 in SAP Fiori were simply 25 transactional apps major for managers, employees who generally communicate seeking approvals for leave, travels and so on. However, SAP Fiori, nowadays has over 915+ apps (transactional, analytical, and factsheets) almost providing a solution for every business need of yours. SAP Fiori provides SAP companies, a entire flexibility to deploy and use Fiori apps based on their necessities

Based on various task differences, 3 types of apps can be developed using Fiori:

SAP FIORI Transactional apps: These are used to carry out transactional tasks like creating or managing approvals and rejection of employee or worker requests.

SAP FIORI Analytical apps: Fiori provides a role-based perception into real-time business operations thereby simplifying the majority of information for a simplified usage. It permits end users to monitor live KPI’s (key Performance indicators) closely. In order to get started or deploy Fiori analytical apps, SAP HANA DB (learn database concepts from SAP HANA training course) will be a prerequisite

Factsheet Apps: Factsheet apps permit users to get generate and download reports, download documents instantly on any device.

SAP FIORI simplifies usage of SAP

SAP market is growing and need for SAP consultants is been increasing hence having a future foe SAP consultants SAP FIORI is much awaiting career in SAP, because any other SAP implementation with business process takes long time from 2-3 months. While FIORI implementation and integration will not take more than 2 weeks not only its usage is simple the implementation as well.

How to start with FIORI?

Previously having acceptance of understanding the overview of Fiori, candidates can map their default qualification with interests and opt for a course. The following candidates can benefit by quick learning and SAP FIORI training,

  • Mobile app developers
  • HTML5 developers
  • SAP consultants with deep knowledge of any one business role
  • SAP WEB UI developers

SAP Fiori is a comparatively new technology and will continue to adopt advance techniques with every release. So SAP FIORI training by us definitely helps to start a SAP career. Thus, Fiori consultants have an additional responsibility of self-learning and mastering new features.

Ultimately, there is a lot of work ahead waiting if Fiori is on your mind.

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