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SAP E RECRUITMENT Online Training Course Content

SAP E Recruitment Online Training

Best SAP E Recruitment Online Training

SAP E Recruitment Online Training Description

SAP E RECRUITMENT online training: SAP E-Recruiting has recruitment and series of planning instruments that benefit organizations to find new skillful employees, build up their professional development ,employ them in suited positions according to their capabilities and retain them in long term. As well as enabling to maintain company’s applicant tracking activities. The application handles almost the entire process chain, from planning and budgeting, through attracting, hiring, and retaining employees. 

SAP E Recruitment online training course is aimed at enhancing the skills of the participants for current job market demands. The trainers for the SAP E Recruitment training course are well experienced experts with good teaching skills. By the end of the training you will be ready to start working as an SAP E Recruitment functional consultant. SAP E Recruitment establish and maintains a relation with human resources management , potential candidates by continuously maintaining contact with applying candidates and employees.

Our SAP E Recruitment online training covers the concepts of Homepage for Self-Services, Employee Self Services, Personnel Information, Benefits and Payment. Our trainers are well experienced with a good stuff in technology can maintain practical going in each and every scenario of training.

SAP E Recruitment Online Training course Outline

Overview of the recruitment

  • Master data Recruitment
  • Candidate
  • Requisition
  • Job Posting
  • Publication
  • Candidacy
  • Application
  • Talent Group
  • Relationships Between E-Recruiting Objects
  • Infotypes in SAP E-Recruiting

Roles in Recruitment

  • Authorizations (Recruitment)
  • (Internal) Candidate
  • (External) Candidate
  • (Unregistered) Candidate – Service User
  • Administrator
  • Data Typist
  • Recruiter
  • Restricted Recruiter
  • Decision Maker
  • Requester
  • Search Engine Access

Storage of Data In Talent Warehouse

Entry of the candidate profile

Requisition Management

  • Requisition, Question and Questionnaire Management
  • Questionnaires in Talent Relationship Management (TRM)
  • Questionnaires in Requisition
  • Ranking of Candidates By Responses to a Questionnaire

Posting Process Management

Posting Process Management of Applications Applicant Tracking Talent Relationship Management Cross Processes

  • Activity Management
  • Workflow (Recruitment)
  • System Administration

Succession Planning

  • Succession Planning Master Data
  • Storage of Data in Talent Warehouse
  • Management of Succession Plans
  • Management of Succession Planning
  • Talent Relationship Management (Succession Planning)
  • Cross Processes (Succession Planning)
  • Work Flows (Succession Planning)