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SAP BW  Online Training Course Content

SAP BW Online Training

SAP BW Online Training

SAP BW  Online Training overview

Enterprise Data Warehousing

  • Introduction and OLAP concepts
  • OLAP v OLTP: The OLAP Concept and differences between OLAP and OLTP

Data Modeling

  • Creating Info Objects: Characteristics
  • Creating Info Objects: Key Figures
  • Creating Data Store objects
  • Creating Info Cubes
  • Creating Info Sets
  • Creating Multi Providers

Data Extraction and Monitoring

  • For SAP source systems: Maintaining Data Sources
  • Or for files: Creating Data Sources for File Source Systems
  • Creating transformations
  • Using the data mart interface
  • Creating open hub destinations
  • Creating data transfer processes
  • Creating process chains
  • Checking process chain runs
  • Jobs Scheduling
  • Monitor for extraction processes and data transfer processes

Business Content and Metadata Repository

  • Installing BI Content
  • Exploring the metadata

Performance optimization

  • Creating the first aggregate for an Info Cube
  • Using the BIA index maintenance wizard
  • BW Statistics: Query Analysis Tools, Performance Tables
  • Reporting Performance: Effective query design, Line-Item, Compression, Partitioning
  • Aggregates: Creating Aggregates, Finding effective aggregates
  • Data Load Performance: Parallelism, Impact of Aggregates
  • Partitioning: Logical Partitioning, Table Partitioning

Basic Functions

  • Condition Technique
  • Pricing with Scales
  • Free Goods (Inclusive & Exclusive types)
  • Material Determination
  • Material Listing /Exclusion
  • Dynamic Product Proposal
  • Cross Selling
  • Partner Determination
  • Account Determination
  • Output Determination
  • TEXT Determination
  • Credit Management / Risk Management
  • Availability Check and TOR
  • In completion Log

BI SUITE: Business Explorer

BEx Query Designer

  • Queries: New queries, Restricting Characteristics, Formulas and Exception Cells
  • Query Design: Defining Exceptions, Conditions, Restricted and Calculated Key Figures
  • Variables: The Variable Wizard, Variable Types and Processing Types, query Properties
  • Component Properties: Properties of Characteristics, Attributes, Structure, Formula, Key
  • Structures: Creating Re-usable structures
  • Functions on BW Server: Copying queries between Cubes, Deleting Query Elements

Web Application Designer

  • WAD: Functions of WAD, Web Items Window, Template Window, Properties Window
  • Web Applications: Creating Web Applications, Settings, Style sheets, Symbols and
  • Design: Designing the Layout of Web Templates, working with Library for Web Items
  • Web Items: Tables, Filters, Check boxes, Drop down Box and other web items and their attributes


  • Analyzer
  • BEx Web Application Designer
  • BEx Report Designer

Career Related Support

  • Resume Building with sample resumes
  • Frequently asked interview questions
  • Common Production Issues

Advanced Topics (Bonus)

  • Information Broadcasting
  • Functions of the Broadcaster: Pre calculating and Exporting into Enterprise Portal
  • User Guide: Distributing Queries and Web Templates, Scheduling Broadcasting Settings
  • Example Scenarios: Monthly Sales Reports, Ad-hoc Distribution Options.
  • Overview of Planning with SEM-BPS.
  • Architecture of BPS components.

Technical Knowledge

  • Reports
  • IDOC
  • Tables

Additional Topics

  • SD Evaluation Test
  • General Discussion related to SAP SD interview
  • Experiences from Implementations (Case Studies/Project)