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SAP BPC With IBP Online Training Course Content

Sap BPC with IBP Online Training

Sap BPC with IBP Online Training

SAP BPC With IBP Online Training Overview


  • Overview of the Embeded solution
  • Positioning BPC Embedded
  • Overview of SAP S4HANA
  • Overview of Business Warehouse


  • Modeling Info cubes
  • Modeling Multi providers
  • Modeling Data store objects
  • Modeling Planning Enabled objects
  • Modeling local Providers
  • Modeling Local Characteristics
  • Maintaining master data from BPC web client
  • Implementing BPC Embedded

Using Integrated planning with BPC

  • key features of IP
  • IP Architecture
  • The planning modeller
  • Characteristic Relationships
  • Aggregation Levels
  • Filters
  • Planning functions in General
  • Standard planning functions
  • DSO Specific planning functions
  • The concept of FOX Code
  • USER Exits
  • User Defined planning functions
  • Planning sequences
  • The planning Application kit

Administering BPC Embedded

  • Setting up and using work status
  • Setting up and using Data Audit
  • Setting up BPC security
  • Transports

Reporting and Planning in the EPM Add-in

  • Manage EPM Connections
  • Explain the EPM Ribbion
  • Create EPM Reports
  • EPM Context
  • Using the Member Selector
  • Using the Report Editor
  • The EPM Pane Formatting
  • EPM Functions
  • Creating Local Member Formulas
  • VBA and API’s
  • Using the BW Query features in the EPM Add-In
  • Configuring Rolling Forecast
  • Other EPM Features
  • Using the Inverse Formulas
  • Using the Top-Down Distribution in the EPM Add-In
  • Using Embeded Comments in the EPM Add-in

Using the Ananlysis for office and Design Studio

  • Converting the BI Content Portiflio
  • Posotionng Analysis for Office and the EPM-Add-In
  • Connecting to Analysis
  • Analysis User Interface
  • Working with Analysis
  • Comparing Analysis for Office to the EPM-Add-In
  • Working with Design Studio

Maintain and Using Embeded Busines Process Flows

  • Positioning Business Process Flows
  • Using BPF’s for status and Tracking
  • Design Templates
  • Managing BPF Instances

Web Reporting and planning

  • BPC Web Client
  • Modify the Web Client Branding
  • Planning and Reporting in the Web Client

Data Provisioning

  • BODS
  • SLT
  • Mixed Scenarios

Resources must be available and approved to execute all functional plans. Resource planning (manufacturing, operations, sales, marketing, product development, and financial) is a key element of S&OP/IBP.

  • IBP and BPC both are Capable for all company functional plans which are aligned (product and portfolio management, demand management, supply management, and financial management). The process focuses on making decisions to keep plans aligned and agreeing on the tactics required to execute the plan (with a strong set of KPIs)
  • BPC as a top down planning tool which considers many factors like inventory and sales. IBP is more of a bottom up planning solution focused on the inventory and its movements, through sales etc.