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SAP BPC Online Training Course Content

SAP BPC Online Training

SAP BPC Online Training

SAP BPC Online Training Overview

  • BOPC 10.0 NW Administration and Planning
  • Course Overview
  • Course Goals

SAP BPC Online Training Unit 1: Concepts and Objects in BPC Administration

  • Business Objects – Overview and Advantages of BO PC
  • Business Planning and Consolidation – Some Modeling
  • Environment shell
  • Terminology
  • Environment Management
  • Dimension Management
  • Creating Models
  • Security

Unit 2: SAP EPM 10.0 add-in

  • Creating a Planning and Consolidation Connection

Unit 3: EPM Client – Microsoft Office Excel

  • Create a Report
  • Create a Input Form

Unit 4: Comments

  • Enable Comments
  • Input and Retrieve Comments

Unit 5: Multi-Reporting and Axis Sharing

  • Create a Multi-Reporting Spread Sheet
  • Share axis from one report with another report

Unit 6: Formatting

  • Dynamic formatting
  • Link a formatting sheet to one or several reports
  • EPM Function to apply formats

Unit 7: EPM Cell-based formulas

  • EPM Axis Override Cell-based formula
  • EPMD imension Override Cell-based formula
  • EPMI nsert Cells Before After Block Cell-based formula

Unit 8: Books

  • Create a Book Template
  • Validate the Book Template
  • Publish a book to the Web Library
  • View the book in the Book Viewer

Unit 9: New Web Client

  • Create a Planning and Consolidation Web Report
  • Change the Report Behavior
  • Add a Chart to Report
  • Create a Web Input Form
  • Entering Comments via Web
  • Creating Document Types and Sub Types

Unit 10: Data Acquisition, Transformation, ECC and BW

  • Data Acquisition, Transformations, Packages, and Package Links
  • Master Attributes Loading from flat file to BI to BPC
  • Master Text Loading from FLAT file to BI to BPC
  • Transaction data from FLAT file to BI to BPC
  • Master Attributes Loading from FLAT file to BPC
  • Master Text Loading from FLAT file to BPC
  • Transaction data from FLAT file to BPC (SINGLE KEYFIGURE)
  • Transaction data from FLAT file to BPC (MULTIPLE KEYFIGURES)
  • Data Retraction BPC to BI and FLAT FILE

Unit 11: Working with Logic Scripts

  • Logic Script and Online Execution
  • Logic Script and Central Execution
  • Logic Script and Allocation
  • Logic Script and ABAP Integration
  • Dimension Member Formulas

Unit 12: Drill Through

  • New Drill Through features
  • Create a new Drill Through
  • Specify the specific parameters of a Drill Through
  • Delete any parameter
  • Test Drill Through

Unit 13

  • Business Process Flows
  • How to manage Life Cycle of BPF Instances:
  • Create/Start, Suspend, Reset, Archive
  • How to manage assignment of Process and Activity Instances

Unit 14 

  • Word and Power point Integration
  • Explain MS Word Integration with BPC 10.0
  • Explain MS PPT Integration with BPC 10.0

Unit 15

  • BPC 7.5 to BPC 10.0 Migration
  • How to migrate BPC 7.5 Reports built with former EV Functions
  • How to migrate BPC 7.5 EVDRE Reports

Unit 16

  • Others
  • Work Status
  • Audit
  • Work Spaces
  • BOPC 10.0, NW Consolidation

Unit 1

  • SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation Framework
  • Environment and Models
  • Dimensions, Properties, and Loading Master Data Consolidation Logic

Unit 2

  • Data Collection and Preparation
  • Transaction Data Collection
  • Journal Entries and Balance Carry Forward
  • Account Transformation

Unit 3

  • Consolidation Controls
  • Execute Controls
  • Review Controls

Unit 4

  • Currency Translation
  • Currency Translation

Unit 5

  • Ownership Manager
  • Setup Master Data to support Ownership Manager Calculations
  • Setup Business rule Methods to support Ownership Manager Calculations
  • Access the Ownership Manager Web Interface
  • Create an Ownership Structure
  • Execute Ownership Calculations

Unit 6

  • Consolidation of Investments
  • Consolidation of Investment Concepts
  • Consolidation of Investments Architecture

Unit 7

  • Inter Company Eliminations
  • Inter Company Matching
  • Inter Unit Elimination and US Elimination

Unit 8

  • Consolidation Monitor
  • Explain Status information displayed in the Monitor
  • Describe the running rules
  • Describe incremental consolidation
  • SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP Net Weaver: Administration – BPC420, 430,440