SAP BPC – Handling the Financial Processes On a Unified Platform

//SAP BPC – Handling the Financial Processes On a Unified Platform

SAP BPC – Handling the Financial Processes On a Unified Platform

SAP BPC Online Course

Introduction to SAP BPC

SAP BPC, a familiar SAP module among the SAP market and business entities. It is efficient for business planning and budgeting, this is revolutionary software used by many companies. Though the SAP BPC software is quite expensive than many other business software, it never lose attraction of businesses to acquire its exceptional capabilities. Many statistics and reports from business using SAP BPC reported a rapid growth and value in their organization. Contributing to a great business planning experience, it offers the organizations a effective capability to administer and draft a continuous plan.

Functionalities of SAP BPC

SAP BPC is a functional module and stands for “business planning and consolidation”. It is an application to handle the financial processes on a single platform. It supports planning, consolidation and financial reporting which is designed for the end users. Learn more from SAP BPC training by SAP Trainings Online.

SAP BPC is capable of pulling data from ECC6.0 and other organizations data systems at the same time. SAP BPC provides a deep visibility into the short-term and long-term financial forecast. Every business person in an organization can be trained to use SAP BPC online course to achieve effective business integration.

By Integrating SAP BPC with SAP HANA, the efficiency is hiked with a unified data model. SAP HANA implements smart in-memory technology in the business and consolidation processes. The business uncertainty and complexity is eliminated with a friendly Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in SAP BPC.

SAP BPC is available in two versions; Microsoft platform and SAP NetWeaver. BPC provides better understanding in all relevant data and allows real time planning when used along with SAP HANA.

SAP BPC is capable and can function as;

  • Planning and financial consolidation tool which assists in budgeting, forecasting and legal management.
  • High level of integration with MS Office provides reporting and dashboard features.
  • Ability to load non SAP systems and also SAP ERP, Net Viewer BI etc.
  • Provides a flexible tool for planning and customization.
  • Create and configure budgeting process and simulation.

Highlights of SAP business planning and consolidation

Multiple Source System: You can compile financial data from various source systems for the purpose of consolidation.

Validation of data: Different sources of data can be analyzed and used to generate the consolidated data to ensure that the data is valid and reliable.  We can reconcile the data in application with the source system, facilitating reliability.

Reduce Cycle Duration: It provides a single platform for finance managers and operation managers to work together thereby reducing the cycle duration, shortening the budget planning process, creation or validation processes.

Maximize user productivity: With the cutting-edge office automation tools and excellent user interface, the employee effectiveness will be maximized.

Demand for professionals

SAP BPC is already one of the most preferred business software among the top leading businesses. The professionals with fluency to operate and administer the platform are always in demand. Many job portal websites had revealed an increased average salary to the SAP BPC professionals among the business organizations around the world. There are top leading staffing companies and SAP BPC online course provider SAP Trainings Online determined to train and employ the candidates in this technology with positive scope, providing SAP training throughout India, USA, UK, Brazil, New Zealand, Singapore, UAE, Australia, Canada and many other countries.

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