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SAP BO Online Training Course Content

SAP BO Online Training

SAP BO Online Training

SAP BO Online Training Overview

SAP BO (Business objects)is one of the important module of SAP.SAP Business Objects online training curriculum Demonstrates how to increase the flexibility and productivity of business processes.SAP business objects and BOBI is the most innovative business intelligence suite of applications that let users to sort, view and analyze the BI data.

SAP BO online training offers complete and most advanced solutions for Reporting, Business Planning, Performance Management, Business Consolidation, Data Visualization, Query and Analysis and Enterprise Information Management.SAP BO online training course is designed to make you proficient in using SAP BO and all the things needed to create component based view of business process and specialize in business intelligence.

SAP BO (Business Objects) Training Curriculum

Introduction to DataWare Housing Concepts

  • DWH Architecture
  • DWH Characteristics
  • Evolutions of Data warehousing
  • Data Modeling
  • ER Modeling
  • Dimension Modeling
  • Schema (Star, Snow Flack & Galaxy)
  • Fact Tables
  • Dimension Tables
  • Slowly Changing Dimension

Database concepts

  • Introduction to databases
  • Importance of Database
  • DDL, DML, DQL, DCL and TCL
  • Structuring of tables and Data Types
  • Joins and Types of Joins and their importance (PK, FK)

Introduction to Business Objects

  • New features in SAP BO BI 4.0.
  • Data Warehousing Architecture.
  • Business Objects Architecture.
  • SAP BO Data Modeling
  • SAP BO ER Modeling
  • SAP BO Dimensional Modeling.
  • Dimensional Tables.
  • Fact Tables.

Different types of Dimension Tables

  • Schema
  • Star Schema
  • Slowly Changing Dimensional Tables.
  • Fact Table.
  • Fact Less Fact Table.
  • SAP BO Different Types of Facts or Measures

Build in Functions

  • SAP BO character functions
  • Numeric functions
  • Data functions
  • Conversion Functions
  • Aggregate Functions


  • SAP BO Inner join
  • Left outer join
  • Right outer join
  • Full outer join
  • Cartesian join
  • Self join
  • Natural join

Components (SAP BOBI 4.0 – Information Design Tool)

  • SAP BO Creation of Project
  • Relational Connection
  • OLAP Connection
  • Data Foundation Layer
  • Business Layer
  • Edit Connection
  • Shortcut Connection
  • Secured Connection
  • Publishing Connection
  • Publishing the Business layer
  • Converting Repository Universe from Unv into Unx
  • Publishing the Universe to Repository
  • Publishing the Universe to Local
  • Retrieving the Universe from Repository
  • Multi Source Universe
  • Data Foundation
  • Insert tables in Data Foundation
  • Define Joins in Data Foundation
  • Cordiality setting in Data Foundation
  • Arrange Tables
  • View Table values in Data Foundation
  • Filter Table values in Data Foundation (Wont Impact in Reports O/P)
  • Edit Table values (Removing Columns , Changing Data types & Keys)
  • Calculated Column in Tables
  • Sort and re-ordering the columns in Data Foundation
  • Refresh Structure
  • Derived tables
  • Create Views
  • Detect Join / Cordiality / Alias / Keys / Row Counts
  • Resolving Loops
  • Alias
  • Context
  • Business Layer
  • Folders (Class)
  • Sub Folder (Sub Class)
  • Objects
  • Dimension
  • Measure
  • Attribute
  • Filter
  • Native Filter
  • Business Filter
  • Hide Folders , Objects & filters
  • Show Script
  • Show Values
  • View Tables and Object Dependency
  • Custom Navigation Path
  • Queries
  • Parameters and List of values
  • Check Integrity
  • Data Security
  • Business Security


  • What’s new in SAP Business Objects Dashboards 4.0
  • Connection to BO universe by using QAAWS Connection
  • Using Live Office Data
  • Connecting to Query Builder
  • Canvas
  • Components
  • Component Properties
  • Dynamic Visibility
  • Drill option
  • Developing Chart Dashboards
  • Developing Maps Dashboards
  • Using Containers
  • Uploading Images
  • Calling Hyperlinks in Dashboards
  • Getting around in Xcelsius
  • Working with your Excel workbook
  • Visualizing data with charts
  • Applying formatting options
  • Using themes and templates to apply formatting
  • Using selectors
  • V lookup in Excel
  • Adding dynamic visibility
  • Troubleshooting interactivity
  • Working with Business Requirements


  • User Creation
  • Groups Creation
  • Assigning Privileges
  • Handling the services
  • Scheduling
  • Report Bursting