An Introduction to SAP IS Retail Training and Its Process

//An Introduction to SAP IS Retail Training and Its Process

An Introduction to SAP IS Retail Training and Its Process

 An introduction to SAP IS Retail training and its Process

SAP retail is completely integrated retailing system. It is a complete industry specific software solution. It is fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for all business and retail industry. SAP retail is suited for both small and large scale enterprises and the solution can be unified for all business scenarios, business processes and business functions.

With SAP’s Retail platform you can optimize merchandizing in real time. Empowers users entire organization with the information required and can benefit with right strategic decision that impacts growth and customer satisfaction in retail business.

Movement of goods are planned, monitored and tracked throughout whole supply chain using retail information system (RIS).

Important retailing processes include:

  • Assortment management
  • Sales price calculation
  • Promotion management
  • Allocation
  • Requirements planning and purchasing
  • Goods receipt
  • Invoice verification and subsequent settlement of end of period arrangements
  • Ware house management
  • Picking and delivery
  • Billing
  • Store supply

The logistics in turn has two major components namely material management (MM), sales and distribution (SD). Considering, plant maintenance (PM), quality management (SAP QM) and warehouse management (WM) are addition to materials management. All the SAP ECC components are included in SAP IS Retail, the main functionality is developed to cater Retail components some of them are:

  • Replenishment planning
  • Assortment management
  • Promotions
  • Retail pricing and merchandize categories

IS Retail components are broadly divided into following categories:

  • Organizational structure
  • Master data
  • Core business processes
  • Data distribution
  • Information systems

Key features of SAP IS Retail

  • SAP Retail supports both wholesale & retail scenarios. It is also Business process area retailing comprises the storage, procurement, sale and distribution of merchandise.
  • New trends, such as Electronic Commerce or ECR, flow continually into ongoing development cycles. For example it is allows for changes in franchising, legal structures or business practices. This ensures that retailers not only have a future-proof -investment but are able to adapt swiftly to a changing market.
  • SAP Retail is industry specific software solutions for vertical industry retail.
  • It is a fully integrated, comprehensive ERF solution for a business in retail industry and well suited to both SME and large enterprises.

SAP Trainings Online SAP IS Retail Training

In online course learners will gain complete knowledge on integrated retailing system with necessary functions for MBP. SAP IS Retail training incorporates the skill development for acceleration of transformation programs, optimization of business processes, & delivering customer centric solutions.

Prerequisites for SAP IS Retail training

  • Basic knowledge of retailing
  • Experience of using Windows applications Recommended
  • SAP01 SAP Overview

SAP Trainings Online is a unique SAP training platform which provides learners with real time project and case studies included in course content. SAP Trainings Online designed SAP training program based on present day industry requirements which makes the learners future ready and strengthens you to go challenging with industrial demands. We provide training in many countries India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

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