All You Need to Know About SAP FIORI Cloud Edition

//All You Need to Know About SAP FIORI Cloud Edition

All You Need to Know About SAP FIORI Cloud Edition

All you need to know about SAP FIORI cloud edition

SAP Fiori Cloud Edition or SFCE is the latest offering from SAP to mobilize the SAP applications. Customers can run SAP Fiori apps and SAP Fiori launchpad in the cloud while consuming business data securely from their on-premise SAP Business Suite in a hybrid architecture. Here the UI layer is delivered to the customer as a cloud service in his account. It is delivered with selected SAP Fiori apps across lines of business covering the most common self-service scenarios. If SAP provides new apps or any updates on the UI layer, the customer gets these updates automatically. SFCE is currently available for productive use on all SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Learn SAP FIORI training by Learn IT Training from SAP certified professionals.

Fiori Cloud Edition:

  • SAP Fiori cloud edition is one of two HANA Cloud Platform services SAP is announcing—SAP Fiori mobile service is the other—with general availability in early 2016. Learn from SAP HANA training.
  • Both HCP services will provide customers with more consistency and easier deployment options of applications based on Fiori—SAP’s role-based user experience for all future products.
  • With Fiori cloud edition, SAP says customers can take their on-premise Fiori apps and make them easily accessible in the cloud, while Fiori mobile service allows administrators and developers to securely optimize Fiori apps for use on mobile devices.

With SAP FIORI Cloud Edition we can:

  • Leverage IT investments by running SAP Fiori apps in the cloud connected to their existing on-premise SAP Business Suite systems.
  • Extend and customize SAP Fiori apps with SAP Web IDE.
  • Develop customer specific apps following the Fiori design.
  • With SAP Fiori launchpad role based personalized multichannel entry point is provided.
  • Customize the look & feel of the Fiori apps and the launchpad with SAP UI theme designer.
  • Recapture or bring back business statistics from SAP Business Suite system via SAP HANA Cloud Platform, OData provisioning service.

Main Benefits From SAP FIORI Cloud Edition

With SAP Fiori, cloud edition customers need less hardware on-premise, since SAP provides the apps through cloud services running on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). Customers can leverage their existing on-premise SAP Business Suite solution. In addition you gain on security by using the advanced security features available with the Cloud Platform. If SAP provides new apps or any updates on the UI layer, the customer gets these updates automatically.

All you need to know sap fiori cloud edition

Demo Cloud Edition: Number of apps is hosted by demo cloud edition which users/customers can use to see how a Fiori app looks like and what are the standard out-of-the box features available with each of the apps.

Customize demo cloud edition: You can customize the apps in the cloud edition by extending the apps or developing new apps using the Web IDE, customizing the launchpad, customize the branding using the theme designer, etc. SAP provides a 90 days free trial account to play with the various available options.

Productive cloud edition: Customize, extend, mobilize and run SAP Fiori UX productively on cloud. Connect to the existing productive SAP Backend using the HANA Cloud Connector. Based on a subscription fee model, mobilize your SAP applications without making any investments.

SAP Trainings Online is the world’s biggest resource of learning platform online will make you to learn industry used techniques and methods to make you future ready in your chosen module and help you to become successful SAP consultant. You can open SAP training courses to know more about training options. Fiori is a relatively new technology and will continue to mature with every release.


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